5 Ancient Artworks Containing Evidence Of Aliens

Famous historical paintings contain shocking proof of UFOs visiting earth

Have aliens visited us before? Some of the most compelling evidence that aliens have can be found in thousand year old artworks. UFO experts say that examples of aliens are featured in dozens of paintings and other artworks from across the globe. Here we’ll look at five of the most compelling example of ancient artworks that contain evidence of aliens.

The Nazca Lines Of Peru

The giant hill carvings of the Ancient Peruvian people known as the Nazca seem to clearly resemble Aliens. The drawings carved into the local hillsides were done between the 1st and 6th century AD. The seemingly alien figures depicted in the drawings is not the only aspect that seems “out of this world”. Senior astronomer Phyllis Pit luna believes that the one of the images of a giant spider figure is actually a diagram of the constellation Orion. Could this be a clue as to where the alien visitors come from? Another intriguing aspects of Nazca lines is how they were drawn in the first place. The scholar Jim Woodman has stated that it would have been impossible to create the Nazca Lines without an aerial view. At the same time there is no record that the Nazca people had any such means at their disposal. This among the best evidence that they may have had help from a more advanced and possibly alien civilization.

The Lolladoff Plate

Over 12,000 years old this stone dish features both what appears to be a UFO and a “Grey” like alien. Found in Nepal, the Lolladoff plate has a spiral Galaxy like design. Curving around in this design is what looks like a circular UFO. At another point in the design we can see a figure with the large head of a Grey alien.

Sahara Rock Art

A west African tribe known as the Dogon tell legends of how the were faced by a cataclysmic drought. They were saved when they were visited by people that they call the “fish gods” who visited them in huge ships appearing from the sky. These “fish gods” then guided them to a more fertile part of the continent. The story is good evidence of alien visitations in itself. What is more strange is that the depiction of these guides very clearly resemble astronauts. They are wearing what seems to be helmets with visors and space suits. Read more about Sahara Rock Art from Wikipedia.

Jotuo Labyrinth Reliefs

In 1957 an expedition by professor Tsj’i Pen Lai visited the Chinese islands of Jotuo. There they explored the ancient labyrinths and discovered a series of reliefs. The reliefs shows human like creatures in flying circular saucers. The figures are wearing what appears to be astronaut gear. Hoses appear to be attached to these clothes. There were also reliefs of what appears to be the solar system. In these reliefs the third and fourth planets are connected with a line. What message these ancient drawings were trying to convey has been lost to time.

Baptism of Christ 1710

The Baptism of Christ was painted in 1710 by Aert de Gelder. The painting features what looks very much like a UFO illuminating John the Baptist baptising Jesus in the river Jordan. Art scholars may argue that this is minstiarpartion of what is being drawn. The problem with this argument was the De Gelder, a student of Rembrandt, was an extremely skilful painter. In fact, De Gelders work is so good that it is often mistaken for that of Rembrandt. It appears that De Gelder was clearly trying to depict some Alien or Heavenly craft. Equally intriguing is that De Gelder chose to depict the craft in the signature circular shape. This shape is well known to us today from a multitude of Science Fiction films. In De Gelder’s time there was no such assumption that Alien craft would be circular in design. See full size resolution photo of Baptism of Christ painting from Wikipedia.

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