Aliens in the Ancient World

Ancient Astronauts Visited Earth Thousands Years Ago

Human beings have for a long time been obsessed with the idea of the existence of extraterrestrial beings. This may be due to our curiosity to understand what goes on in the universe. There have been several reports of UFO sightings over the centuries. The idea of alien life is not new and has been a part of many cultures even in ancient times.

A particular event in modern times happened in the early 1990s when there was a mass UFO sighting in Mexico. Of course, there have been several other similar incidences in many parts of the world since then. Today, the extraterrestrial theme is very popular even in pop culture. The question that lingers in many people’s minds is; is it possible that alien life indeed exists and has influenced our world as we know it? Collected evidence has proved beyond doubt that, indeed, some form of advanced cultures have influenced the ancient world.

Aliens found in ancient art and paintings

Among the best clues of human depiction of alien life is seen through ancient art and paintings. Many paintings from around the world have managed to baffle researchers because of their complexity and the themes they portray. Such paintings clearly indicate various forms of beings not seen anywhere on earth. Ancient paintings also reveal the use of technology seen today even though it never existed during those times. Some explicit images even stipulate themes like space travel, advanced astronomy and also air travel. Such cultural artifacts are a clear evidence that there has been a deep understanding of extraterrestrial life in ancient times.

Ancient cultures have also recorded a great deal of unexplained human-like creatures´, also know as Ancient Astronauts. These creatures, often seen in drawings of indigenous tribes around the world, have features that liken them to human beings but also other features that differentiate them from humans. Not only do these drawings have a complicated artistic theme, but they also have interesting accompanying myths and meaning to the cultures living around them. An example of such drawings are those found in modern Aboriginal caves. The only sound conclusion to derive from such recorded history is that some cultures of the ancient world have in fact had contact with alien life in the past and live to tell about it through art and mythical stories. Many of these stories depict alien beings visiting earth using advanced technology.

One of the biggest hopes of modern archaeologists and paleontologists is to be able to accurately to align archaeological discoveries to the exact time they were used. Doing this would provide an in-depth understanding of ancient culture and possibly, alien life. Many artifacts that have been discovered over time have an eerily close resemblance to modern technology in a way that eliminates mere coincidence. Proof of extraterrestrial influence on the ancient world is for instance found in particular artifacts that depict modern machines like airplanes. Such artifacts are so carefully designed with an exactness that leaves no doubt that they refer to a piece of engineered technology.

Cultures around the world have different ways of telling stories about extraterrestrial life. While sometimes the understanding of common themes might be different due to things like religious beliefs and cultural differences, there is no doubt that all the different words and explanations refer to alien influence on the ancient world. Some cultures combine both mystical and rational ideas when explaining alien life.

The ancient Egyptian culture, for instance, is one of the most revered in modern times because of both physical and ideological history. The artifacts that have been found in this culture depict a culture that understood space travel, advanced medicine, extensive technological feats and many other developments that define the modern world.

Alien life exists in the universe in many forms

The universe, being such a huge expanse, is definitely the principal clue for alien life. Modern scientists have gone to great depths to study space and the only reasonable conclusion today is that alien life exists in the universe in many forms.

The amount of information that is currently available to humans about space, as well as continued sighting of UFO’s, indicate that there might have been several incidences of spacial travel by alien civilizations. Considering that the interest in extraterrestrial life has endured in human culture for centuries, the possibility is that there has been constant contact between humans and aliens in the past is high.

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