Facts about Ancient Astronauts

Proof of ancient aliens visited the Earth

Humans have always been fascinated with the concept of alien visitation; more-so in the recent decades where the alien visitation and ancient astronauts mysteries have spawned off an entire UFO school of thought that seeks to link alien life with the glaring gaps that appear in the accepted chronology of human history.

Movies and fiction novels have been written recently about alien, and their hypothesized interaction with planet Earth and human beings in general. But do these fiction tales hold any kernel of truth? To answer this question, one must look at the foundational philosophy that guides the narratives depicted in these tales.

This foundation philosophy is based on a theory christened Ancient Astronauts Theory, which seeks to prove that there is a possibility that extraterrestrial beings have interacted with humans in the past, and they have left behind evidence which can be used to re-construct the nature of past human-alien interactions. The main form of evidence pursued by proponents of this ancient astronauts theory is how the advanced ancient civilization were able to build magnificent structures using alien technology, as well as how the ancient humans depicted the aliens they interacted with.

The strength of the ancient astronauts theory rests on verifiable facts, and the following examination of 18 key aspects of this theory includes descriptions of some verifiable archaeological findings.

Origins of the Ancient Astronauts Theory

ancient astronauts theory Erich Von Daniken
Ancient astronauts theorist Erich Von Daniken

Humans have always speculated that advanced extraterrestrial civilization has helped accelerate human progress. However, it is in Victorian-era Britain that the primitive version of this theory took shape as disparate ideas were given a coherent structure by the Theosophical Society. Thereafter, the theory was refined in 1970 by Erich Von Daniken, a Swiss researcher who studied past alien visitation. Daniken also popularized this theory, and it was the next generation of ancient alien visitation who developed the theory to its present form. Presently, the theory uses facts to gain credence.

Some key aspects of the theory postulated by Von Daniken about ancient alien visitation have been debunked, but some UFO enthusiasts still maintain that the theory is valid because the theory lucidly explains why depictions of ancient alien-like beings appear across different time-lines and in different areas across the world. These depictions are also related to ancient legends that grew among the culture of people who experienced alien visitations.

Ancient Aliens in Old Art and Cave Paintings

rock painting in Wandjinas
Rock painting in Wandjinas displaying ancient aliens

In Australia, a rock painting in Wandjinas, which has been dated to be 5,000 years old, depicts what appears to be helmet-wearing beings with alien-like heads. Remarkably, a similar rock painting dated to be 8,000 years old has been found in Tassili, North Africa.

Aliens in Ancient Religious Text

The Mahabharata
The Mahabharata describes ancient aliens

The Mahabharata, an ancient Hindu sacred text, describes a flying machine called the Virmana (sometimes spelled as Vimana). The Virmana is described as flying object piloted by gods, and it featured a distinct weapon called, Agneya, which emitted a glowing, smokeless projectile incinerated enemy troops on the battlefield. The existence of this weapon, which is akin to a giant modern flame thrower, has led UFO enthusiasts to regard the Virmana as a machine of extraterrestrial origins as the weapon technology it used was quite advanced for its time.


petroglyphs found in Toro
Aetroglyphs found in Toro include Ancient astronauts

Rock carvings, also called petroglyphs, have fascinated archaeologists but one set of petroglyphs fascinated both archaeologists and UFO enthusiasts. These are the petroglyphs found in Toro Muerto Desert, which Von Daniken asserts that they show bipedal beings wearing spacesuits. The carvings bears a striking resemblance to a prehistoric petroglyph discovered in Capo di Ponte area, Italy.

The archaeological findings described above have been interpreted in multiple ways in relation to the ancient astronauts theory. Some archaeologists regard the rock art as depictions of volcanic eruptions or were simply carved into the stone through natural rock erosion. However, the backers of the theory assert that ancient people were fascinated with alien-like beings wearing space suits. Even so, how did the aliens reach earth?

UFO Landing Sites

Nazca plain UFO landing site
Nazca plain UFO landing site

According to the ancient astronauts theory, alien beings reached earth by cruising the outer space in flying machines which were then landed on specific areas in the planet. One of these designated landing spots is thought to be Nazca plain, which is in South Peru. UFO enthusiasts assert that the large runway-like markings on the plain, which can only be seen when one is flying high in the sky, must have been made to guide ancient star-ships on where to land. This is used as evidence of alien landing, and participation in building landing infrastructure in Nazca. However, this raises another question; how did the ancient aliens traverse very long interstellar distances within short time periods?

Travel Theories Of Ancient Aliens

worm hole time travel
Ancient aliens used advanced technology to travel long distances in space

It is now known that it would take 8 years for astronauts traveling at the speed of light to make a round trip to the nearest planet thought to have life. So how could ancient aliens conduct successful interstellar travel? According to UFO enthusiasts, ancient alien possessed very advanced scientific knowledge that allowed them to overcome the time-speed limit impose by physical laws. This not allowed them to visit Earth, but it also allowed the to explore the universe; and they could at times stop by earth and impart knowledge to Pharaohs and the ancient Maya.

Divine Connection

Divine Connection
Divine Connection between humans and ancient aliens

The theory postulates that ancient people regarded ancient aliens as gods, holy beings, or messengers of God. This gave these ancient aliens a divine status, and they in turn used their reputable status to impart knowledge to ancient folks. This explains why most mythologies depict extraterrestrial beings as divine beings.

Human Origin

Some proponents of this theory postulate that ancient aliens helped create human beings, as well as designed megalithic constructions for the benefit of future human civilization.

Place in History

UFO enthusiasts and proponents of the ancient astronauts theory claim that recognition of alien visitation will help mainstream historians fill the chronological gaps in human history as well as rectify the anachronism that plagues archeology. The proponents insist that alien-caused events have been omitted from history hence the glaring gaps in the recounting of human history.

Panspermia Theory

nobel-prize winner Francis Crick
There are some very respected science people who believe in ancient aliens such as nobel-prize winner Francis Crick Panspermia Theory

Panspermia is a theory that postulates that extraterrestrial blue-algae seeded primordial earth with life forms. This conforms to the basic precept of the ancient astronauts theory, only that instead of bipedal astronauts, there is primitive life in form of blue-algae. The nobel-prize winner, Francis Crick, advocated for panspermia.

Exposure to Technology

UFOs in ancient cave paintings
What they saw, they painted. UFOs in ancient cave paintings

In the 20th century, when the previously isolated aborigines of Papua New Guinea encountered American planes and American soldiers, they were awed to the extent that when the Americans departed, airplane-shaped religious idols were created and venerated by these aborigines.

This shows that exposure to an advanced technology can lead primitive cultures to ascribe divine attributes to beings which introduced such advanced technology to them. This is how some scholars and UFO enthusiasts postulate that ancient cultures developed religious figures and rites, with UFO enthusiasts asserting that it was extraterrestrial beings who introduced advanced technology to the ancient world which reciprocated by deifying these alien visitors as gods or divine beings; and that this can be deduced from examination of ancient sacred texts.

Reference in Sacred Texts

Sacred Texts
Reference to Ancient Astronauts and Aliens in Sacred Texts

Apart from the Virmana which is described in the Mahabharata; religious text from other religious traditions also describe what appears to be alien-like life forms. In Genesis 6:4, there is a description of giants called Nephilim who traveled to earth to live with human women. In the Book of Enoch, other-worldly (alien) beings called Azazyel , Amacarak, and Akibeel came to earth to teach humans how to fight, practice sorcery, and master astronomy. In the Hebrew Bible, the prophet Elijah is described as flying out of earth in a fiery chariot. Ancient Egypt also referenced an ancient alien-like serpent being in their Book-of-the-Dead, in which a giant serpent glances at the god Ra as he cruises the underworld to fight the god Set.

Moai Easter Island

In this island, there are 887 giant human-like stone figures thought to have been carved by aliens 500 years ago. These stone statutes are used as evidence of alien visitation, which definitely lends credence to the ambulant ancient astronauts theory.

Puma Punku

Another megalithic construction built about a millennium ago is the temple complex in Puma Punku. The precise measurements and well-shaped rocks that define this temple complex shows that the builders used advanced construction technology, which proponents of the ancient astronauts theory insist could only come from extraterrestrial engineers.

Book of Ezekiel

Book of Ezekiel
Book of Ezekiel describes ancient aliens

Prophet Ezekiel whose experiences are documented in the Hebrew Bible in a book named after him, does describe strange life-forms that are clearly other-worldly in nature. The most iconic of these life-forms is described in Chapter 1 as being a winged animal with a human appearance, but with four different faces. According to UFO enthusiasts, this creature is an extraterrestrial being that had visited Ezekiel.

Ancient Mesopotamia and Aliens

Mesopotamian Gods Table
Anunnaki in Mesopotamian Gods Table is actually ancient astronaut

In the recently discovered Mesopotamian Gods Table, there is a description of other-worldly beings descending from the sky to visit Sumerian kings. The table also describes how Anunnaki consorted with other gods to appoint Igigi, the youngest generation of gods, to work and manage Earth. According to proponents of the ancients astronauts theory, Anunnaki seems to be lead captain of a mother ship who consulted with other alien astronauts, and then gave the task of exploring earth to a guild of workers called Igigi.

There is so much of ancient alien evidence and proof in history that it gets hard not to believe. We at are sure that ancient aliens are real.

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