Are there any real physical evidence of UFOs?

There are hundreds of documented incidents with physical evidence.

For many years now, there have been numerous claims stating UFOs are real; but is there any proof behind these claims? Well, the answer to this very question is yes. And to back up this answer, there have been many UFOs sightings which has left behind physical effects that can be treated as physical evidence.

Physical evidence such as interference

Out of the many different types of physical evidence gathered from properly verified cases, stopping of cars is considered as one of most importance physical effects or evidence. In fact, it is said that this very physical effect is also one of the most reported proof. According to reports, light failures and ignition failures of trucks, cars or any other similar vehicles are a common phenomenon reported by witnesses whose vehicles came near a UFO. This same physical effect is also experienced by anyone who saw a UFO flying over or pass their car. Besides this, interference of TV receptions and radios are also associated with UFO sightings. There are about hundreds of documented worldwide incidents which vividly recorded this particular physical evidence.

Physical evidence such marks on earth / landing places

Another physical evidence that can prove a landing and departure of UFOs are the holes in the ground that have been seen all over the world. Along with the holes, disturbed vegetation patters and depressions in soil are also strong and frequent physical evidence of UFOs landings. It is true that many of such reported cases have been turned out to be a hoax or an elaborate plan to get famous or earn an income; having said that there are still a lot of such incidents that are considered as real evidence. Sadly, due to many reasons and mishandling of evidence, there are many cases which has been left unsolved as no concrete result obtained from the laboratory analyses and other such tests.

Physical evidence such as sonic booms

Sonic booms are also another type of physical evidence of UFOs sightings. But here it is important to mention that sonic booms are quite a complex piece of evidence. In some well-authenticated cases, there were actual proof of sonic booms which was heard due to the fast moving UFO. But in majority of incidents, witnesses have proof of supersonic speeds, but not any sonic booms. This is a bit of a mystery as to think logically; if a UFO landing can cause things like depression of soil and such others things, then leaving the landing site in just a matter of seconds is bound to cause sonic booms. There are many eye witnesses who explained how the UFOs vanish in seconds, yet they do not recall the sonic boom phenomenon. Experts explained that maybe there are devices unknown to man which can effectively eliminate sonic booms or maybe there are some other reasons why most of the UFOs sightings are not associated with it.

Type of physical evidence found in human body

Stephen Michalak in hospital bed after an encounter with an UFO

Now let’s consider the physical effects or evidence that are somewhat on the physiological category. There are many such examples of these form of physical evidence, and in most of these cases witnesses have associated their UFO encounters with numbness or tingling sensations in their body. There are also reports of permanent or temporary paralysis in certain incidents. According to experts, this evidence can also be treated as physiological phenomenon, as of course the witnesses was in fear during such an eventful encounter. But, many witnesses have gone on the record saying that these were the first sign among other things that led them to the encounter in the end. Physical effects such as skin-warmings, skin reddening and even skin burns are all considered as concrete proof. But still, the paralysis and tingling sensations are more widely reported that that these effects which seems like a general skin problem. In fact, there are few reports where sightings of UFOs or a close encounter with such has resulted into major bodily damages.

Why evidence is still mostly hidden or masked

Truth be told, the only reason these incidents are not that widely recorded as witnesses and anyone involved are in fear of becoming a mockery. Even now, the general public and media fail to show any sympathy to the victims and focuses solely on bring down the victim in various ways. Hence, maximum number of UFO sightings along with their physical evidence are buried by the victim only; in order to stay away from ridicule and negative publicity and outcomes.

Nevertheless, there are those who step forward and there are those who fight endlessly to gather information and evidence to prove UFOs are real.

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