Astronauts’ Brains Change Shape During Spaceflight Does Astronauts Become Aliens During Mission To Mars?

What is happening up there? Brains get remolded at space!

According to a University of Michigan recent study, MRIs before and after space missions shows clearly that astronauts’ brains size changes and that there are also structural changes during spaceflight. They scanned 12 astronauts who spent at least two weeks in space as a part of shuttle crew, and 14 astronauts who spent at least six months on the ISS (International Space Station). All of them experienced increases, but also decreases in gray matter in different parts of the brain. Why this is happening is still unknown, and more interestingly exact changes are not yet revealed.

“The behavior may return to normal, but the way the brain controls the behavior may change”

One of the researchers said, she also says that the brain changes could reflect new connections between neurons. Now they are also examining trying to determine the repercussions on cognition and how long the brain changes last – or are those permanent? They believe that even after astronauts return to the earth, their brains might still continue to recruit different pathways to compensate for the structural brain changes that caused by spaceflight.

Is there some alien thing that forces brain changes start happening?

What is going up there? Could this be fully explained by microgravity conditions astronauts experience during space flights and staying long time in ISS, or is there some alien thing that forces brain changes start happening?

Is it caused by well documented UFOs continuously orbiting near ISS, and space shuttles and rockets, which have been happening since the very first space flight? Is that one of the reasons why NASA is trying to hide ISS UFO phenomena so desperately?

Does that mean that human astronauts will ultimately become aliens at long space missions, for example mission at Mars?

We all know that alien incidents in the Earth shows that alien’s heads i.e. brains are much bigger than human brain. What this all means?

However, after these studies it is now the fact, that there are permanent brain changes in all cases.

What do you think?

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