Baalbek Stones Ancient Aliens UFO Landing Place Revealed

Ancient aliens once visited Baalbek and used the temple of Baal as a landing site for their spaceships.

Ancient aliens engravings on Baabelk Stones
There are ancient alien engravings on Baabelk Stones

Ancient megaliths, has puzzled people, especially historians, archaeologists, and anthropologists. Mainstream history cannot accurately explain why and how ancient people could build gigantic superstructures that are presently described as megaliths. It’s very possible that Baalbek Stones are actually ancient aliens UFO landing place. Let’s find what are Baalbek Stones, and why that place is so remarkable ancient UFO evidence.

The most mysterious megaliths are found in Baalbek, Lebanon, where they serve as the foundation of a latter-day temple commissioned by Antoninus Pius to honor the Roman god, Jupiter. This latter-day temple was called the Temple of Bacchus, and archaeologists have dated its construction to between 150AD and 250AD, and interestingly, even though it was purposely commissioned by the then Roman emperor so that it serves as a center of Jupiter worship in Lebanon, history shows that two gods were worshiped in the Temple of Bacchus; Baal and Jupiter.

baalbek stones
Baalbek stones is thought to be ancient aliens UFO landing place

This is interesting because the megalithic structure upon which Temple of Bacchus was built upon once served as a temple to worship Baal. So who is this Baal, and why did the ancient people built such a huge megalithic structure to serve as a temple to worship him?

Baalbek is located in a highland area whose elevation is 4000 feet-above-sea-level. In this site, there is an ancient superstructure which once served as a temple to the Phoenician god Baal.

It is estimated that this Temple of Baal was built during the Bronze Age, and this creates a problem for mainstream historians. According to mainstream history, the Bronze Age was the period when primitive societies knew how to use bronze metal to create tools.

Bronze tools are not known to cut stones because the metal itself is not that tough. The Temple of Baal was constructed from precisely cut and smoothly shaped stone blocks, some weighing as much as 1500 tonnes, and measuring 68 feet in length while their square cross-section was 14 feet by 14 feet.

How did such a supposedly primitive society cut and shape this stone? How were these stones transported from the quarry? How were they lifted up and placed to perfectly fit with each other so as to create an architectural superstructure?

Mainstream history does not provide any conclusive answer to these mysteries. However, UFO historians present an alternative hypothesis as to how the megaliths in Baalbek were built.

According to ufologists, ancient aliens once visited Baalbek and used the temple of Baal as a landing site for their spaceships. In fact, ufologists consider Baal as an extraterrestrial being who was the first to disembark from his spaceship, and set foot on Baalbek, and even interact with ancient Phoenicians. Even so, what does mainstream say about Baal and Baalbek.

According to historians, Baal was one of the chief gods in the pantheon of gods worshiped by the ancient inhabitants of Lebanon, the Phoenicians. The Phoenicians then decided to build the largest temple to honor Baal, and the place where this temple was built was called Baalbek, which is named after Baal. This is the mainstream version of history. But what do the ancient Phoenicians say?

According to ancient Phoenician writings that were excavated around Baalbek, the ancient megalith was indeed built to honor Baal. However, their accounts state that Baal landed on that site from the sky.

Ancient alien engraved in Baabelk Stones

Ancient aliens engravings on Baabelk Stones
There are ancient alien engravings on Baabelk Stones

There is even a large stone engraving excavated in Baalbek which shows how Baal looked in relation to the ancient Phoenicians. Interestingly, the engraving depicts Baal as a gigantic humanoid holding an ancient Phoenician man on one hand. The height of the ancient Phoenician man, who looks like an adult, is the same as the length of the forearm of Baal. Was Baal a gigantic extraterrestrial being who taught Phoenicians other-worldly knowledge, and the Phoenicians decided to show their gratitude by worshiping him? According to ufologists, this is what happened, and also explains why Phoenician civilization progressed rapidly during the period when this temple to Baal was being built.

According to ufologists, ancient aliens showed ancient Phoenicians how to build lasting superstructures that could survive natural erosion as well as natural disasters. This also explains why ancient Phoenicians were able to advance rapidly at that time, and create a very complex society that was admired by all their neighbors, including Ancient Egypt and Ancient Israel. In the Bible, the Israelites are repeatedly castigated by Yahweh because they Baal. Even the Egyptian god Ra seems to be modeled after Baal.

The mysterious ruins of Baalbek
The mysterious ruins of Baalbek are ancient aliens landing site.

According to mainstream history, Pharaoh Ramesses II entered the lands of the Phoenicians in 1296BC while on a campaign to militarily defeat the Hittites. It is speculated that it was during this period that temple rites dedicated to Baal were borrowed by the Egyptians and taken back to ancient Egypt where they influenced the religious rites of Egyptian mystery religions. Ancient Egyptian priests even used to worship Baal alongside the god Ra in a temple that was later destroyed, and Heliopolis built on top of it by Greek conquerors who came with Alexander the Great. The later Roman empire swallowed the ancient kingdoms of Egypt and Phoenician, but the Romans still show their fascination with the god Baal, and Baalbek in particular, and this explains why they worshiped Baal alongside Jupiter in temple of Bacchus.

According to ufologists and ancient alien theorists, Baal was a good extraterrestrial being who imparted knowledge to human beings, and his legacy has enabled human civilization to progress. This thesis postulates that modern human civilization owes much to the ancient aliens who came to earth to teach our ancestors how to use advanced technology.

WHat you think about Baalbek stones, ancient alien engravings? Are they ancient UFO evidence? Please post your comments below, and remember to share this thrilling story about ancient UFO landing place in Lebanon.

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