Black-Eyed Children

Reports about another human kind species?

As someone who writes extensively on the issue of the Men in Black, I often get asked if I ever receive reports of Black-Eyed Children. Well, yes, I do. Certainly not a large number at all, but still enough to make me believe the phenomenon is utterly real, but completely mind-bending. One of the reasons why I get asked about BEC cases is because of the similarities between the BEC and the MIB. Both dress in black (suits for the MIB and hoodies for the BEC). Both groups are very often described as having extremely pale skin. And, both the MIB and the BEC will do all they can to try and find a way into the homes of the people they target. Also, both categories of “things” are more active at night. With that said, here are a few BEC cases from my files.

Christina George is the founder of the Psychic Paranormal Research Society, and someone who had a disturbing encounter in 2012 that blended the worlds of UFOs and the supernatural into one terrifying cocktail. It’s a story that is focused on a strange and disturbing woman, and her equally odd children. And with that said, I will hand over the reins to Christina, who told me the following:

“Back in the summer of 2012 myself and a few members of my paranormal group, here in Sacramento, went up to see a client about a report of being abducted. He was claiming he had an [alien] implant and was experiencing paranormal activity; this was in Redding, California. We finished up our investigation and headed back home. When I got…

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