Bright Pulsating Orb Splits Into More Objects, Changes Colors, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Location of Sighting: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Date of Sighting: January 1, 2017
Time of Sighting: 6:15 PM EST

Description: I used my phone to zoom in to what I thought was the brightest star I have ever seen. I love zooming in to see what stars look like up close. Well when I zoomed in, this did not look like all the other stars that I have zoomed in on. This looked like a glowing orb with a small dark center and this orb also appeared to be pulsating.

I continued to hold my camera zoomed in on this “star” and as it was pulsating I saw it expand to where it looked like it had double ring of lights. I keep watching through my zoomed lens and now I see 4 distinct lights and it seemed as if it was either turning to face a different direction, or changing shape and as this was taking place it changed from a simple pulsating white orb with double ring of lights to an aircraft shaped object that is displaying blue lights which there now appeared to have 6 lights. I also begin to see smaller sets of lights flying away from this aircraft. At first it looked light one object flying away with 4 orange color lights, but then they separated into 2 separate objects with 1 set of orange lights.

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