Congressional Hearings on UFOs

Only two formal hearings on UFOs have ever been held

In the late part of the 1960’s, UFO sightings were pretty common and a lot of research was done on it. Project Blue Book was one such project by the US government to study UFO’s. It’s principal aim was to analyze UFO related cases, and to find out whether they pose any threat to national security. However, the project was criticized and a meeting was conducted in 1966, to discuss this issue. During that time, UFO sightings were also on the rise. Gerald Ford, one of the senior political figures during that time, also insisted for organizing this meeting.

Several members of the Air Force Project were also present in the meeting. Finally, the University of Colorado was handed a contract by the Air Force, to carry on the investigation. The head of the project was Edward Condon, and hence it was known as the Condon Committee. Edward was a very popular physicist of that period. However, even before undertaking the research, he was pessimistic about the chances of making any breakthrough discovery. The study was not for very long ; just for 2 years. And for a project of such importance, the budget was also very low. So it seems that resources were intentionally made very limited to make sure that results will be next to nothing.

In the year 1969, the committee came up with its findings. As expected, Dr. Condon revealed, that they didn’t find any strong evidence. He also recommended the closure of the Project Blue Book. However, the findings of the committee was criticized by notable persons like Dr. J. Hynek. Many critics claimed that there were several cases which were examined by the committee, but they failed to find any solution for them. Some also suspected, that their decisions were influenced by political figures. As per many critics, the Air Force wanted to terminate the Project Blue Book, and hence they were forcing the committee to make such decisions.

6 scientists testified in the Symposium. Out of them, 5 scientists were of the opinion, that further investigation should be done regarding UFO’s. Dr Sagan was the only one, who was not in favor of further investigation. Dr McDonald had himself prepared a paper, highlighting some of the popular UFO cases, and he strongly believed, that if allowed to investigate further, he will be able to find strong evidence. Dr Baker also studied several UFO films. He recommended the formation of an experienced group of scientists, who will lead the investigation. But unfortunately, as of now, no such investigation has taken place, and only two formal hearings on UFOs have ever been held, which were:

  • The House Armed Services Committee convened the first hearing in 1966, and July 29, 1968.
  • House Science and Astronautics Committee.

Why? We here at know that the truth really is out there, and evidence is undeniable. Therefore we demand more congressional hearings, lawmakers should pay serious attention for the subject, not only in the USA, but around the world.

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