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Smithsonian Cover-up of Ancient Alien Culture

Ancient structures and artifacts found in Grand Canyon

On April 5, 1909, the Phoenix Gazette published a history-changing report in its front page. The paper reported that a number of intriguing archaeological discoveries have been in the Grand Canyon after an expedition of archaeologists explored its rocky cliffs.

The expedition discovered remains of an ancient civilization that once thrived below the canyon. The artifacts discovered showed that this ancient civilization eerily resembled the one in Ancient Egypt, but before more discoveries were made public, the Smithsonian moved quickly to cover up the findings. To this day, the extent of what was discovered by the expedition still remains a mystery.

The report further indicates that the lead investigator of this expedition was Professor S.A Jordan, and his deputy was G.E.Kinkaid. Prof Jordan was working for the Smithsonian, and it is this institution that not only financed the expedition, but also covered up the discoveries.

Remains of an ancient civilization discovered, but those were not Egyptian

Alien culture remains in Grand Canyon
Alien culture remains in Grand Canyon include strange paintings in caves

But why was the Smithsonian covering up what was supposed to be very harmless historical discoveries? The answer lies in what was discovered. To further highlight this, when one of its representative was questioned about whether ancient Egyptian artifacts were found inside the caves that dot the rocky cliffs, the representative gave an affirmative reply that not even a single artifact from ancient Egypt has ever been discovered in the entire Americas. So, was Phoenix Gazette publishing a hoax? Or what those Artifacts are if not Egyptian? Maybe artifacts are remains of alien culture? Are those proof of aliens were living on earth?

It is unlikely that the gazette was publishing any hoax because such a story embossing its front page would certainly increase sales, but it would also raise eyebrows and investigations would be done to ascertain its accuracy. To guard the reputation of the gazette, the editors would not have allowed an easily debunked hoax to grace its front page.

So, it is most likely the report was based on factual information that the reporters had received about the archaeological expedition digging up caves in the Grand Canyon. The report even names the leading explorers, and Smithsonian agrees that these archaeologists were exploring caves in the Grand Canyon at that time. So, if this is the case, why was Smithsonian uncomfortable with the publication of its findings?

Why was Smithsonian covered-up findings? Are those remains of alien culture?

Was it a cover-up of ancient alien culture?

The one reason is that the findings would upturn knowledge of history as it was acknowledged at that time, which is still acknowledged as inerrant till today. According to this historical narrative, there were no ships which sailed to the Americas during the pre-Colombian times, and that Native Americans were not the original inhabitants of the land but were immigrants who crossed the Bering Straits from Siberia into the Americas during the late Ice Age. So what would happen to this historical narrative if it was found that Ancient Egyptians had visited the Americas?

However, as said Smithsonian is denying that any ancient Egyptian artifact has ever been dug up anywhere in the Grand Canyon. It is not clear whether they did it on their own volition, or if they were coerced to do so. The question is actually what they found from Grand Canyon?

Are Egyptian names just coincidental or back-up plan to cover-up ancient alien civilization?

There are also two towering rock formations that were named Tower of Ra, and Tower of Set. Likewise, three tall rocky formations each featuring a relatively flat top were named Isis Temple, Osiris Temple, and Horus Temple. Were these names coincidental? Or are they heritage of ancient Egyptians living there? Or were those names just created as a backup plan? It would be easier to say that artifacts found actually are made by ancient Egyptians than ancient aliens living. Look, these names are proof of that, there were no aliens. They were humans. You got the point?

Structures have been built using some kind of technology

Interestingly, inside the haunted Canyon region, one can note several sharply-shaped rocky structures that seem to have been built using some kind of technology, rather than being shaped via natural events. Some of these structures resemble Egyptian pyramids, ancient Hindu and Buddhist temples. However, mainstream science and archeology maintains that natural forces shaped these rocky structures. This is designed to reduce historical curiosity. However, some history nerds and UFO enthusiasts are still studying the geographical features and archaeological evidence found in this canyon region. But it is not so easy as the area where artifacts are was restricted to hikers or other foreigners, and the reason is: “because of dangerous caves and unsafe environment.” Does that sound somehow familiar? Secret? Still secret, no visitors allowed? What these caves and structures hide?

A good place to start this study is by re-examining the reports published in April 1909.

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