Known Facts About Cattle Mutilation

Over ten thousand animal mutilations – all of them remains unexplained.

Let’s find out what are the known facts about cattle mutilation?

The past decades have been flowered by human progress, technological developments, and better quality of life; but its history has also been punctuated by unsolved mysteries. One of these mysteries that has not been conclusively solved to date is unexplained cattle mutilation.

The cattle mutilation phenomenon is characterized by precise surgical incisions being made into the bodies of cows, bulls, calves, sheep, horses, and oxen; and is followed by blood drainage, and sometimes removal of genitals or internal organs or both.

This phenomenon has been attributed to cultic activities, natural predators, natural decay, secret government projects, military experiments, and extraterrestrial visitation. The first case in America was documented in September 1967. The FBI has tried to investigate some of the reported cases, and information related to such investigations were documented in a file designated animal mutilations, which can still be accessed through its online vault. However, the cattle mutilation phenomenon still remains a mystery; but what are the known facts about this mystery? These facts are explained below.

First Occurrence of cattle mutilation

Horse cattle mutilation case
First reported victim of cattle mutilation in the US was horse called Lady

The first reported case of cattle mutilation was documented in England in the 1900s by Charles Fort. Incidence of unexplained cattle deaths were reported in U.S in the 1960s , but the first recorded incidence of frank cattle mutilation was documented in September 1967. The casualty was a horse pet-named Lady, who was found dead and mutilated, near Alamosa region of Colorado.

This incident was reported by the Pueblo Chieftain, a newspaper based in Pueblo, Colorado; and was this press report was quickly republished by other press outlets, and within a short time, the death of Lady had received nation-wide press coverage. In some of the republished reports, there were speculations that UFOs and extraterrestrials were seen hovering around the area where Lady was killed just before the incident. Therefore, the first reported cattle mutilation in the U.S was already flavored with UFO sightings. This piqued the interest of ufologists.

According to the New York Post, since the first reported case, there has been ten thousand animal mutilations and all of them still remains unexplained.

Precise Bloodless Cuts

cattle mutilation
Precise cuts are known fact of cattle mutilation cases

The report about the death of Lady stated that the horse was killed in the pasture field, and that precise clean cuts were made in her body, with the bones cleanly stripped of their flesh. Also, there were no blood spots on the ground where the body was found, but the air was filled by a pungent smell, opined to be ammonia.

Interestingly, the nearby trees had broken branches which shows that something violently run past the trees. The horse-owner also stated that some horse flesh, soaked in a green-colored corrosive liquid, was found nearby, and he thinks it belongs to Lady.

Radiation and Cancer

The report of a green-colored corrosive liquid alerted the Civil Defense Team to investigate this incidence of cattle mutilation, and the team promptly arrived to the scene where the liquid-soaked horse flesh was found.

Tissue samples were taken, alongside scoops of the green-colored liquid whose corrosive nature led some top speculate that it was a radioactive discharge. Interestingly, shortly thereafter 2 other horses died from what was describe as radiation-induced cancer. Did the killer of Lady use radioactive fluid to perform a clean evisceration of her bones? There has been no definitive answer to this question.

Other Reported Incidences

After this report of cattle mutilation, other people contacted press houses and reported their experience of what can be described as cattle mutilation. Some reported incidents that occurred as far back as 1955. When asked why they did not report their incidents earlier, most of them stated that they thought such killings were being done by beef stealers. Even so, the cattle mutilation mystery was to gain new prominence after a state officer brought it to the public limelight.

Three Orange UFOs

In 1968, Charles Bennett, a Superior Court Judge in Colorado, reported that he had witnessed 3 orange flying discs hovering over the area where Lady was found dead. The weight of his evidence was predicated on his reputation for debunking made-up testimonies. Therefore, if the judge saw 3 UFOs, it is likely they flew over the pasture at that time.

This also pushed veterinarians started investigating cases of unexplained cattle death in Colorado, and they noted that all the dead animals lacked their brains, sexual organs, and abdominal contents. The investigators also moved to Texas where farmer had begun to report incidents of finding bloodless, surgically cut dead animals in areas whose soil was found to have been irradiated.

Global Incident Reports

During the early 1970 to the late 1980s period, incidents of cattle mutilation were reported in 15 U.S states, Mexico, and even in far-away France. The FBI decided to investigate 135 such incidents in Colorado. However, no conclusive findings were ever published. Even so, events were to take a radical turn.

Reported Human Mutilation

mutilated human body found in sao paulo
First reported human mutilation case was from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

In 1998, a blood-drained mutilated human body bearing precise surgical marks and devoid of internal and sexual organs, was found in Sao Paulo. The scene was also filled by a pungent ammonia-like smell. A similar incident was reported in 2000, but this time in Bulgaria.

Predator reaction to mutilated corpses

Mutilated cattle were not consumed by predators, and most large predators who came across the mutilated bodies were visibly fearful, and never went near the bodies. More importantly, when the flesh of these mutilated animals was offered to caged carnivores, almost all animals recoiled away from such feed.

Statistics about cattle mutilations

The FBI reported in 1975 that 74 percent of cases of cattle mutilation were eviscerated of their sexual organs. The percentages for eye removal, tongue, and intestine eviscerations were 14, 33, and 48 percents respectively. In 1980, a research gave the following percentages for eye removal, tongue, intestine, and sexual organs eviscerations; 59, 42, 76, and 85 percents respectively. Also, 90 percent of all studied victims were 5-years old. Based on reports and expert opinions, it was estimated that the average mutilation exercise lasted for only 90 minutes.

Any strange marks nearby?

In two instances in 1970s, tripod marks were discovered near two scenes in New Mexico. In both cases, the distance between any two marks of the tripod was always constant at 30 centimeters.

Scientific reports about bodies

Laboratory studies done of victims of cattle mutilation showed that the dead animals were drained of their minerals and vitamins. Also, in some incidents, strange chemicals were discovered in tissue samples derived from these animals. Likewise, the blood vessels from these animals were flush with anti-coagulant substances. These findings were considered in 1978, when the U.S government authorized Operation Mutilation to investigate the ever-increasing cases of cattle mutilation. This investigation was to be spearheaded by the FBI.

FBI Report and Professional Opinions

The FBI released a 297-page report concerning Operation Mutilation, and the main findings were quite skeletal. Nonetheless, the FBI concluded that cattle mutilation was perpetrated by natural predators.

A later state-sponsored investigation into cattle mutilation incidences in New Mexico showed that the killed animals were first sedated and then injected with an anti-coagulant before being killed. This report which was released in early 1990s, contradicted earlier findings made by the FBI . Still, some scientists argued that the surgical cuts were caused by natural skin splitting that occurs when abdominals organs swell inside a dead animal; and eye removals were a consequence of accelerated decay of fluid-filled organs after they are infested with maggots and flies.

Animal Cruelty

The New Mexico report also noted that human-driven animal cruelty could be behind cases of cattle mutilation, with the perpetrators killing farm animals just for the sake of gratification. For this reason, it was argued that cattle mutilation should be classified under pleasure attacks.

Still, some investigators advanced another explanation, that these cases were the products of cultic activities, and they used the statements of forest rangers in 1975 who testified to seeing 15 darkly-clad people around a place where a mutilated animal was found.

Unusual Explanations

Charles Oliphant advanced another theory to explain cattle mutilation. According to Oliphant, a secret project was investigating whether bovine diseases can jump species, and infect humans; and the mutilated cattle were the infected cattle being studied for disease progress.

In 1976, farmers whose animals fell victim to cattle mutilation, started to patrol their farms at night, and they reported seeing army helicopters flying at night around their farms. This led to speculations that the U.S military was involved in cattle mutilation. Even so, ufologists insist that cattle mutilations are conducted by alien who want to study the genetics of animal life in earth.


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