Famous People Who Believe In The Existence Of UFOs

From presidents to astronauts there are believers – UFOs and aliens are real.

UFOs (unidentified flying objects) have been a major theme for modern movies but it is not only in movies that we think about them. In fact, there are many famous people ranging from presidents to scientists and celebrities who believe in their existence and also in the existence of extraterrestrials and aliens. Although some people may think it is laughable, those who believe in UFOs (including some who claim they have seen one) advice that we should treat the matter very seriously. Here is a list of 10 famous people who believe in UFOs.

1) Jimmy Carter

The former US president (1976 – 1980) is one of the icons who came out public on the topic of UFOs. During his campaign, he promised to make available all documents of UFOs if elected. He also said he does not laugh at people who say they have seen UFOs as he is one of the witnesses. Read more about Jimmy Carter UFO incident from Wikipedia.

2) Richard Nixon

Former US president (1969 – 1972) also attested to his belief in the existence of UFOs. Nixon said he was not at liberty to discuss the existence of UFOs as he was just getting briefed on the matter although he strongly believed in their existence. It is also said Nixon was taken to a discrete military base which was suspected to harbor alien bodies.

3) Ronal Reagan

This is another US president (1980 – 1988) who claimed he has seen a UFO and believed they existed. As he explained, the UFO manifested in a bright white light and flew for several minutes before disappearing into the heavens. He even asked his pilot to follow the light until it flew upwards.

4) Mikhail Gorbachev

According to the last head of state of the USSR, UFOs are real and the subject matter should be treated very seriously. Mikhail Gorbachev Confirms Discussing Alien Threat Scenario With President Reagan, watch the video below:

5) Edgar Mitchell

In 2009, the NASA astronaut Edgar Mitchell claimed the existence of alien life and said the government was covering it up. Edgar who was part of the Apollo 14 moon mission in 1971 spoke during the annual X conference, a meeting of those who believe in the existence of aliens and UFOs. estimates that Mr. Edgar Mitchell is one of the most credible sources of information about UFO sightings.

UFO and Aliens are Real and Watching Us

6) Lord Rees

According to the astronomer royal, there may be some reality aspects that the human brain cannot understand just like chimpanzees cannot comprehend quantum physics. He believes aliens and UFOs exist and we just cannot conceive it yet. Read Huffington Post article.

Aliens Fascinate Everyone, But Only Kooks See UFOs

7) Stephen Hawking

The revered professor, physicist and cosmologist said last year that extraterrestrials existence is almost certain. He also added that humans should try to avoid them rather than seek them out as they could be in search of a planet to conquer. Read article.

Intelligent Aliens Could Destroy Humanity, But Let’s Search Anyway

Watch the video below: “Michio Kaku and Stephen Hawking: ALIENS ARE REAL!”


8) Douglas MacArthur

According to the Korean general and Second World War soldier’s statement in 1955, future wars will be interplanetary and cosmic as humans will encounter other planetary beings.

“the next war will be an interplanetary war. The nations of the earth must someday make a common front against attack by people from other planets. The politics of the future will be cosmic, or interplanetary”.

9) Corrado Balducci

Vatican theologian monsignor Balducci said extraterrestrial contact is a real phenomenon and their contact with humans was being witnessed across various Vatican embassies in Venezuela, Mexico and Chile.

Watch the video below: The Vaticans chief Demonologist, Corrado Balducci discusses the existance of Aliens.

10) Lachezar Filipov

According to the Bulgarian government scientist, they were already in contact with extraterrestrial life forms 2 years ago and UFOs were a major part of this life.

Senior Bulgarian Scientist Discusses Alien Reality – Secret Meeting in Rome


There are many other famous people who believe in UFOs and alien beings. Although it is difficult to believe them without seeing it yourself, the subject of UFOs sightings is not in any way novel. People have been claiming to see UFOs all across the globe and there are many videos that document real-time experiences of the phenomenon.

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