Footprint discovered on Mars

Footprint on Mars surface proves the planet is not lifeless


NASA makes again history hosting amazing proof of life image from their own server. This is no doubt a footprint, how old – no one knows – but it is footprint either of human or human kind alien.

Picture is taken from Mars by Spirit rover. It shows clearly very similar footprint than humans left on the Moon.

Unfortunately NASA already took the original picture down as it started to get too much attention. Our guess is that it was posted accidentally for their public Mars gallery, and removed asap they noticed the error. As we know, it’s not the first time this kind of things happens with NASA.

They explained the error when asked: “…soil disturbed by the left front wheel of the Spirit rover evokes impressions of the first footprint on Mars.” Do you believe that? We don’t eat that explanation.

We got it, saved it and here it is. What you think? Are humans already in Mars or is it footprint from the past when there was life on Mars?

What do you think?

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