Full UFO Disclosure Is Coming

Aliens are real and they are here already

What is coming can’t be ceased. The fact of the matter is out there and we know it. While some trust that a partial disparity of reality on the UFO/E.T. phenomena will be pulled off, the reality is that any attempts to subvert or turn reality of this monumental truth will ultimately backfire.

If you are still a bit skeptical about UFO & alien phenomenon, you should consider carefully what the following people are saying. Are they telling tales? We don’t think so. We´re speaking about ex. ministers, astronauts and professors, and the Vatican. Furthermore you don’t need to trust only on our words, we have cited the sources here also.

Former Canadian prime minister says aliens are real

Backpedaling to late 2013, past Canadian Prime Minister and Defense Minister Paul Hellyer said in a TV meet with RT, that he knows without question that UFOs are real and that they have been passing by our planet for thousands of years. According to DailyMail he also said that there are 4 or more different kinds of aliens that he knows about and that they want to help us create a peaceful world. He also said they have the innovation to totally transform our world to enhance things.

NASA astronaut and Princeton Physics professor Dr. Brian O Leary says we are being contacted

In another meeting that opened significantly more eyes was in early 2013 when past NASA Astronaut and Princeton Physics Professor Dr. Brian O Leary told the world: There is abundant confirmation that we are being contacted and that civilizations have been passing by us for a long time in the meeting he also examines free vitality innovation that these creatures use.

Another famous quote from Dr. O Leary regarding free vitality innovation is:

These ideas have been demonstrated in many laboratories all over the world, yet never watch the light of day. If the new vitality innovations were without set worldwide the change would be significant. It would affect everybody, it would be applicable all over the place. These advances are absolutely the most important thing that have happened ever.

Edgar Mitchell and John Podesta changed emails about UFO phenomenon, both believing alien life is real

Another prominent figure who has transparently talked about the UFO and free vitality reality is past NASA astronaut is Edgar Mitchell. This Astronaut came into headlines again quite recently ago, when Wikileaks revealed his emails he sent to John Podesta, former high ranking White House official, and well known UFO enthusiast, and a longtime advocate for government disclosure of UFO files.

Alien contact confirmed by Edgar Mitchell:

Obama aid John Podesta on UFOs Disclose & Secret UFO Files:

Pope knows aliens exist

It is critical that we agree out on the place and time where the full disclosure about UFOs & aliens as well as zero point energy happen. With reference to The Sun, that is what Vatican says, and wants to send their own ambassador there to ensure to get the first class information immediately. As you might already know, Vatican runs own alien awareness program or ETI program (Extraterrestrial Intelligence). And it is obvious that also Vatican knows much more about aliens and UFOs than they are publicly ready to disclose.

Some Vatican highly ranking sources say that ETI programs must be only peaceful, without intention to get knowledge that can be used in weaponry. They admit that extraterrestrials are “helping us” pass on zero point energy technology to Earth, however Vatican officials repeat warning that aliens won’t tolerate any sorts of military violence on Earth or in space. These statements alone confirms that Vatican is actually in contact with non Earth based civilizations. Actually that is not a surprise as they are representing over 1.2 billion catholic people all over earth, and Vatican have been involved in astronomy and research very long time.

It Won’t Stop There

JFK requested CIA UFO files 10 days before his death

According to Daily Mail John F. Kennedy demanded CIA UFO files just ten days before murder.

As truths like this continue turning out, a ton of what we have been taught on this planet ought to be addressed and amended. Almost every area of our world has been traded off by this secret cabal. JFK put it best when he transparently stated limitation to secret societies, secret oaths and to secret methodology. As well as resistance to a savage conspiracy significantly capable machine that consolidates military, diplomatic, knowledge, financial, scientific and political operations.

Certainly, almost all that we see around us has been based on riddle and misrepresentations. Full introduction is more than as of late reality about UFOs and different creatures heading off to our world. It is also more than the free vitality advances that have been intentionally stifled. Full disclosure might also include learning about these secret societies, JFK said. It will include getting information on how a gathering of elites controlled the media, the schools, the religions, the military, the financial frameworks as well as controlling the weather, controlling the support supply and attempting a mass particular reproducing wander through genetically modified sustenance.

Full Disclosure Now

Top Secret enhanced photo from secret Apollo mission.

While some want to create a partial revelation, such a scenario is nearly impossible because to the date there is so many scientific, military, and political people who know a staggering amount of information, and truth. Some of them have already became transparent, as for example above mentioned people, and more are following their step. However, there is still a majority which stays silent and calm to either save their life or save their business and/or career. Regardless of this mass silence, once the silence cracks – as it already does – we will see a couple world wide well known people to reveal what they know. Once that happens, we will see the floodgates open. After that, researchers, high ranking officials and other will be allowed to speak openly about what they know.

The world is ending up being more ready each day thanks to the internet, and projects like our UFO & Alien Awareness Project. Information like that contained in this article is reaching significantly more people day after day. The world is awakening to reality and we realize that we already have the innovation to move this planet more sustainable and better place. We realize that there are peaceful creatures living on different planets and in different dimensions. This is reality.

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