Government Secrecy and UFOs

In a typical democracy, there has to be a line between the citizen’s right to information and the secrecy imposed by the authorities. Still, the big question is: who draws that line? Normally, this should be decided democratically, by the members of that society. Most of the times, this thing doesn’t happen and the government chooses to hide precious information from the public, without their consent. However, this issue became extremely popular and generated a lot of discussions inside and outside Congress. The UFO phenomena must be explained and the authorities have the obligation of letting us know about it.

The Freedom of Information Act, does not apply to UFOs

Like we’ve mentioned before, a certain level of secrecy has to be maintained. Even if we’re talking about military or national security reasons, there will always be secrets and we have to accept that. But many observers noticed that the secrets of the government increased and they became somehow excessive. The legislation in this matter is very permissive for the government employees. They can classify any document as “secret”, “confidential” and “top-secret” without further explanations. The declassification of the above mentioned documents is a tough process. It can only be performed by the originator or with a special and long procedure. Conveniently, the Freedom of Information Act, does not apply here. The FOIA act has no power when it comes to classified documents, even if the tax payers have the full right to be informed over what’s in there. All government programs related to UFOs and aliens are of course classified at least as top secret or even more deeply using SAP and so called black ops. This is no longer a matter of excessive curiosity. Because, as the history has taught us, an increased level of secrecy leads to abuse.

Even president does not have access to SAP / black ops programs

The classified documents have a well developed system, so that nobody will know the whole truth. Not even the top members of the Congress have clearance to see all the secret documents. Some voices are saying that even the President himself is not briefed entirely, when it comes to high classified documents. The Secret Services often “forget” to brief the President with such sensitive information and they only present him the things that he “needs-to-know”. Actually many presidents such as Clinton promised to find out the truth about UFOs during campaign, but later as a president faced perfect well of secrecy. The political officials, even though they’re elected by the population, cannot see those documents

1980 incident revealed NSA holding UFO secrets

However, almost 40 years ago, there was an event which confirms us the existence of UFO’s. In 1980, some researches filled a suit against NSA (National Security Agency). They requested information about the existence of UFO’s, through the FOI Act. Even if they didn’t receive any information, they found out that NSA is holding 156 top-secret documents, all of them UFO related. After their request was denied, the researchers made an appeal. In response, the NSA presented a 21 page argument, and after the judge read that argument, denied the appeal. As you might imagine, the second document was also classified. Even if their appeal was denied, this was still a small victory. From that moment, we know for sure that the NSA holds important UFO related documents. How do we know that the documents are important? Well, if they weren’t, they wouldn’t have any reason to hide them. Even today, the government completely denies the existence of any UFO related phenomena.

So why should an un-elected government representative decide if we have or not have the right to find the truth? Why are they allowed to deprive their own citizens and the whole world of such important information? A nontransparent government is a nondemocratic government. Their secrecy is just a form of abuse, which can degenerate at any time. Because the basic question remains: “If they are hiding this from us, what else are they hiding?”

Why hiding information is worst thing governments can do?

Perhaps, the hidden information are so profound that they will change the whole perspective of “man’s place in the Universe”. More than that, the discovered technologies could be so advanced, that they can improve our current life standard and even save lives. Or maybe, the continuity of mankind stays in those information. For example, it can be a potential source of alternative energy or an inspiration for new medical practices.

There is an enormous gap between what can we understand and the technologies that already exist in the Universe. Why are they hiding them instead of sharing them with the whole world? Nobody knows! The only viable explanation is that a few privileged persons secretly benefit from it, denying its existence. They invoke “national security reasons” but in today’s context, this can no longer apply. We can only hope for a society in which, this kind of decisions should be taken by elected representatives and not by a secret service.

Furthermore UFO disclosure project and movement is now stronger than ever, so we can count also that ultimately full disclosure comes with help of non government organizations such as

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