Half of Chinese Believe UFOs Are Real

UFO & alien incidents in China

Thorough studies of the occurrence of Unidentified Flying Objects have been conducted by hundreds of engineers and scientists all over the world, including China. Ufologists from China says that they believe that there are aliens living with human population. According to them these unknown beings have increasingly shown their interest in China recently, and studies show that existence of UFOs Is believed by half of the entire population of china. Let’s take a looks what is going in China.

UFO incidents in China

Recently Chinese pilot noticed a blue and white colored flickering object hovering by the side of his aircraft just before he was going to land. According to the observations of that pilot his airplane was escorted by an oval shaped unidentified flying object. After that the object suddenly took a turn rapidly and went out of vision at the back of the clouds

You may consider this story ridiculous but exactly same incident was also reported to the control center by two other pilots from different air crafts nearby. According to the reports submitted by Izvestia one of these two pilots was piloting his aircraft at 300 km in the south whereas the other was flying his airplane at 120 km to the north.

Only very few Chinese UFO cases gets reported on western media alone due to language barrier, and of course government secrecy. However, for example Express reported in 2016 a rare case of UFO appearance in China.

During past few years, such strange incidents of coming across feidi, used in China to refer aliens, have been recorded considerable number of times. In certain cases, a strangely shaped hovering object with an orange color fluorescent light underneath was seen by many people in China. Whereas, in some cases, people have seen an object splitting into two halves just before their eyes but it was equal to a basketball in size. These both halves of the ball completely disappear from their eyes after circling around the area. In one incident people saw a whipping top like object. A strip of light marked the trail of this object. The responsibility of shutting down electricity in several houses was also levied on these objects as no problem was noticed at the station supplying electric power.

South China Monitoring Post, a Chinese newspaper, has also rarely reported a charming and enthralling incident. According to it nearly one hundred Chinese have witnessed the cat-and-mouse game between an UFO with a fighter-interceptor with dual seats of the Air Force of China. Their location was in the town of Chinjou, somewhere near a military base.

In another incident, four radar stations have spotted a mushroom shaped strange rotating object with bright light at its bottom. The object moved upwards suddenly when the interceptor only about 4,000 meters away from it. But ‘open fire’ was not ordered by any of the control services existing on the ground.

Rising public interest in UFO & alien phenomenon

As per the reports of Izvestia there is a record number of UFO lovers’ special clubs in China. Many of which have tried to establish a kind of connection with these aliens. The National Society of the Extraterrestrial Studies, a government financed society founded 25 years earlier, has kept their actions protected. This society can be approached and attended only by professional engineers and scientists. They are also required to publish several research works about these UFOs and have PhD in science to be member of this society. This society also comprises experienced members of communist party as nearly one third of all of its members.

BTW. According to in 2016 China completed construction of the world’s biggest telescope called FAST – and guess what – it is being used to search for intelligent aliens. It is able to search for new exoplanets and signals from extraterrestrial civilisations. Price label was billions, so there is no doubt that also Chinese government is knowing something more than it tells about UFOs & aliens, otherwise they would have not invested such a huge sum of money on telescope build for capable contacting aliens.

From the first recorded Chinese UFO case to announcement that Aliens are living among us

We have been told about the first encounter with an alien object by Sun Shili, a 66 years old former diplomat, a translator of Mao Zedong and one of the most popular experts in Ufology in China. That was the first recorded UFO case in modern China. According to him this incident happened during the Cultural Revolution in 1971, when he was experiencing physical labour in the mountains in the province of Tsyansi at a correctional facility up there. There, one day he spotted a strange object in the sky when he was working in the rice fields. For a moment he thought that it was actually a UFO.

According to the claim made by National Society experts such phenomenon are believed by half of the Chinese residents. Sun Shili has expressed his interest in UFOs, due to the appearance of every fifth UFO in China, by saying that most aliens find China suitable due to recent advancements in the country and its ambition to be the leader of the world.

Until recently aliens were interested in US. According to the opinion of Sun Shili, shared with many members of national Society, some of the aliens turned into humans and live with us in China. That´s actually not a surprise as it is speculated continuously that different alien races are actually living in many countries, not only in China but also in USA, Brazil and Peru etc. But it is a surprise that a government financed society gives such announcements. So, are Chinese preparing for full or partial disclosure?

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