How Government Hides Existence Of UFO Related Programs

UFO & Alien information is hidden behind SAPs (special access programs)

The existence of UFOs (unidentified flying objects) has been masked under deep secrecy and those who are in blatant support are often labeled as mere conspiracy theorists. The government has mastered the art and science of concealing programs and information that is considered too sensitive for the public.

There are various levels of security involving complex clearances required before you can even read a single file on such delicate programs. Usually, the public is made aware of three main security levels namely confidential, secret and top secret. Clearance to any of the 3-tier security standard does not entirely mean one can access to all information within the level. Here are some of the ways secret ops are hidden from the public eye.

SAPs (special access programs)

For access grant to be given on some secret programs, those seeking such information must demonstrate a “need to know.” However, this is only the “white” side of government security systems.

There is a parallel system of “black” ops which is covertly covered and deeply hidden, accessible only to the top heads. In fact, the shadow military operations exist in parallel with the classified overt programs that we know of. Topics such as UFOs and alien existence are run under unorthodox classification measures referred to as SAPs (special access programs). The mere existence of SAPs is heavily denied by the government and such projects are obscured from the public eye through special contracts and inside-industry funding. Even the agencies tasked with reviewing and approving contracts never get to see such programs.

Security sub-levels

Within the special access programs are other security levels and distinctions. The two broad categories are acknowledged and unacknowledged (black) SAPs. The black SAPs are often too sensitive that their existence is considered core secret and they are waived from normal protocols used to manage and oversight such projects. In fact, the number of people with knowledge of existing black SAPs is deliberately limited and only 8 members of congress are notified of waived programs. The committee members tasked with appropriation and deliberation are not even notified of what the programs entail.

Cover-up programs

In order to successfully develop covert technologies, the government uses normal classification systems used for unclassified programs. What this means is that they develop accepted programs that can be used to mask the black SAPs. For example, a weather research aircraft program (widely known and accepted by many) was used to cover up the U2 spyplane program. This way, they can continue to develop their covert operations without much scrutiny from the public eye until the program is ready for application. The cover-up program can then be cancelled after achieving its purpose.


Those who are able to read in on any unacknowledged special access program are required to deny its existence at all times. This requirement cannot be breached at any time and it is so intense that even a “no comment” statement is considered a serious breach of security measures in place to protect such programs. Sometimes, those responsible for overseeing the technology or operation can be deliberately misinformed or not informed altogether about the real dealings of the project. This way, the deception and deliberate incognizance may lead to honest denials from the program managers or generals.

Deliberate misinformation

Another tool the government uses to hide UFO existence and other black programs is disinformation and fabrication of the truth. High level commissioners made a decision to include systematic disinformation and fabrication as a way of protecting black programs. How they do this is quite genius. The common ploy is to divulge real and fabricated information and mix them together for a given group of people or individual. The mixed information can then be used to effectively discredit claims from organizations that are near to disclosing the hidden truth.

SCIs and secrecy

The acronym SCI (sensitive compartmented information) is given to products of the intelligence community. In order to hide programs that involve developing secret technologies, contractors are given the mandate to develop and withhold the programs in their premises rather than government facilities. In this manner, programs that involve hardware can be termed as mere technology instead of intelligence, and fall under the supervision of secretary of defense. Ironically, there would be no need to know even for persons with clearance of the highest level and such programs can then be kept a secret.


There security systems which the government uses to hide their unacknowledged operations and programs, such as the existence of UFOs and aliens are quite complex and comprehensive. Information is carefully segmented and made available to different heads making it difficult to put together everything in one place. This is why it becomes easy to discredit certain truths and label those in support as conspirators.

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