NASA Is Hiding UFO Visits At ISS This Time Operator Failed To Cut The Live Video In Time

ISS Astronaut Covered UFO Visible On Camera Using His Hand While NASA Operators Were “Sleeping”

NASA is well known cutting continuously ISS live feed when there appears something out of this world. This have been witnessed by thousands of watchers over and over again, including

It happened again a few days ago, when an astronaut on a space walk blocked out a UFO that came into live feed, which is live video coming directly from ISS, and that can be viewed by anyone. However, NASA operators are always ready to cut it, simply turning it off line, when something extraterrestrial appears. This time operators were slow, and station commander most likely instructed astronaut to cover the UFO using his hand. That was enough time to wake up the operations center, and NASA operators stepped in just moments after cutting another video feed where a strange orb appeared on camera.

It is very usual that UFOs hoover around ISS, and many astronauts have discussed about that fascinating fact – some even publicly – when retired. Astronauts who are in active duty, can not speak about these forbidden topics because of their legal agreements, that basically keep them silent – unless they are willing to face huge fines and get fired. And who wants get fired from a such amazing job? So, they follow instructions, just like in this case, by covering the visiting UFO.

NASA used again the standard excuse that the space station’s High Definition Earth Viewing experiment was either “switching cameras” or experiencing a “temporary loss of signal”.

But you do not need just trust to us. Watch ISS LIVE FEED by yourself, and be assured, that you do not need to watch it too many times until you will be witnessing another UFO coverup by NASA. Or if you don’t have time, there are many people willing to speak about what they have witnessed, for example online blogger Bright Insight said also that this incident was not the first time NASA has cut footage during UFO sighting. He speculated it was an alien spacecraft.

“I have seen myself, at least a dozen times, where there is video of some sort of object coming close to the International Space Station – moving around in many cases – and all of a sudden they just cut the feed,”

However, when asked from NASA, they claim that “NASA has never found any evidence of life outside Earth”, but quite remarkable NASA also says that it does not comment on individual alleged UFO sightings.

Alien hunter John Craddick said the sighting lasted about 25 seconds, and insisted it be must alien technology as “nothing human that can fly that high.”. Also famous YouTube channel Secureteam10 released a video about the astronaut hand incident: “ASTRONAUT BUSTED Trying To Hide UFOs Near ISS!”

So, ISS continues be visited by UFOs, and NASA still continue to cover up it. Why they just don’t switch off these live feed cams permanently? They actually did that once, but got so massive protests from around the world, including European Space Agency ESA, that they were forced to reopen live feed. Why they listened? Because ESA is a major financer and partner in ISS – International Space Station, and Europeans are trying to be a bit more transparent about UFO phenomenon than their US counterpart.

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