NASA Mars Curiosity Rover Alien Photo Revealed

Proof of past life once again from Mars, this time photographed by NASA’s Curiosity

A new set of photos published by NASA from its rover mission in Mars has excited both UFO enthusiasts and mainstream scientists. One particular photo taken by Curiosity, the car-sized robotic rover exploring Mars, has interested UFO enthusiasts.

This particular photo shows what appears to be an armed alien soldier stalking the Curiosity rover. This alien soldier wears body armor, and hold an alien-type of weapon on its hands. This photo was identified, and later enhanced, by the administrator of Paranormal Crucible, a YouTube channel dedicated to exploring UFO sightings and analyzing UFO affairs. The photo was chosen because it provides evidential material that life did exist, or still exists, in planet Mars.

Watch the video analysing alien photo from Mars

The alien figure was photographed in its natural state, and the photo background reveals a dusty boulder-spotted terrain of the surrounding Martian surface. As expected, the combat armor worn by the alien, along with its hand-held weapon, has led many UFO enthusiasts to speculate that alien soldiers have taken note of the Mars exploration missions being conducted by NASA. But, is this really the case? Is this supposed alien soldier a living creature?

Enhanced versions of the NASA photo of Mars alien

Enhanced versions of the NASA photo reveals a non-living alien figure. So if this alien soldier is not a living creature, then what is it? The answer lies in the most enhanced image of the alien figure that shows that the supposed alien soldier is nothing more than a stone sculpture which has withstood the harsh conditions in Mars. Even so, this finding raises another question; when was this sculpture built, by whom, and for what purpose? Also, if something shaped the sculpture, then does this proof the existence of Martian life, either now or in the past?

Ancient people developed myths about planet Mars. In Roman Mythology, the red planet is associated with war. In fact it is named after the Roman god of war, Mars. This is interesting as the alien sculpture depicts a menacing Martian soldier taking a defiant stance, which shows a readiness for war. Is this coincidental, or is there a deeper meaning? This remains an open question, but skeptics have attempted to demystify the NASA photo.

According to a video made by Paranormal Crucible, the alien sculpture is artificial and could not have been created by natural forces acting on stones, and to prove the point, the narrator points out that the sculpture shows a grey-colored insect-like alien. This leads the narrator to conclude that the alien figure is nothing more than an ancient statuette. However, skeptics have offered another explanation for this observation. This explanation centers on pareidolia.

Pareidolia is basically a psychological phenomenon whereby the mind of the observer interprets images by seeking out, and finding familiar patterns in images that have no such patterns. For example, some people may look at shapes of clouds, and then claim to have seen human faces or animal bodies. In the NASA photo case, the administrator of Paranormal Crucible tried to find an insect-like face pattern on the alien figure and was convinced that he had identified not only the insect-like face, but had also seen legs and hands holding an alien-type of gun. However, skeptics regard this observation as a classic case of mimetoliths.

Mimetoliths refers to the pareidolia phenomenon as it applies to rocks and related rocky structures. This means that if the observer looks at a rock, his or her mind of is tricked by its senses to perceive faces, body parts, and other familiar objects on the surface of the rock. This is exactly what skeptics say about the observations made by the administrator of Paranormal Crucible.

The mimetoliths phenomena has a scientific basis. Erosion is known to weather rocks, and this weathering process, along with passage of time, creates disfigurements on the surface of the rock. If the shape of the rock is complex or amorphous, then the extent of disfigurement is great, and the more likely for one to interpret some of the patterns on the rock surface as faces, or body parts. Also, erosion causes the rock to have different color on different parts depending on how much erosion has occurred on different sections of the rock. This leads to some features of the rock being more prominent than others, and this can lead to people observing familiar patterns on the rock.

Mars Alien Life

Even so, UFO enthusiasts assert that their observations are not due to the pareidolia phenomenon. They also assert that no pre-conceived notions blurs their observation. Prominent UFO enthusiast, Scott Waring, comes to the defense of Paranormal Crucible and explains that he has seen what the video describes. This according to UFO enthusiasts is just another way for skeptics to berate their findings on alien life-forms.

We here at believe that it’s statue build by ancient aliens in Mars. What you think, don’t hesitate to share your thoughts below!

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