in in WikiLeaks as reference for Bill Clinton’s UFO interests and remarks

One of the big stories during the election was the release of leaked emails by WikiLeaks of the alleged emails of Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, John Podesta. Among these emails were the behind the scenes organizing of Hillary’s appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live! On her latest appearance on the program, she discussed UFOs, and apparently, her staffers used an article as background regarding Bill Clinton’s prior UFO comments.

Hillary Clinton talking UFOs with Jimmy Kimmel. (Credit: Jimmy Kimmel Live)

Hillary Clinton talking UFOs with Jimmy Kimmel. (Credit: Jimmy Kimmel Live!)

It was expected by many that Kimmel would be asking Hillary about UFOs because he had previously asked Bill Clinton and Obama about them. In Podesta’s email we learned that her campaign was helping shape the scripting of the question and her response.


Bill Clinton discussing UFOs, Area 51 and aliens with Jimmy Kimmel. (Credit: Jimmy Kimmel Live!)

However, in one particular email an individual on Hillary’s campaign staff was confused as to why Kimmel would want to talk to Hillary about UFOs. In a reply to that question, there were two stories referenced as background. One was a Mother Jones article, and the other was an article from The later was used to give background on Bill’s appearance on Kimmel’s show, but it also outlines his history of interest in UFOs, as well as that of Podesta, who is referred to as JDP in the email.

The entire email string can be read on this WikiLeaks page, or right here…

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