Paleolithic Rock Carving in France Contains Strange Symbols

Aliens visited us 38.000 years ago

A recent archaeological expedition in France’s Vézère Valley resulted in the discovery of a 38,000-year-old slab of limestone engraved with a set of strange and unexplained symbols. The particular region of France in which the slab was found is rife with cave paintings and other examples of Paleolithic art, but many have been destroyed by wars or some of the rather unscientific excavation methods of yesteryear. The discovery of this nearly intact slab is a rare treat for archaeologists, who now have a fresh set of evidence linking some of the mysteries of Paleolithic Europe.

Similar dotted designs have been found on paleolithic artifacts throughout Europe.

Dotted designs have been found on Paleolithic artifacts throughout Europe.

The limestone slab appears to depict an aurochs, or wild cow – a typical symbol found on much Paleolithic rock art. However, this particular aurochs is dotted with a set of strange, punctuation-mark-like symbols that bear a striking resemblance to other sets of symbols found in Paleolithic art throughout Europe. A full report of the researchers’ findings has been published in the paleoarchaeology journal Quaternary International.

Researchers have described the dots as "punctuations."

Researchers have described the dots as “punctuations.”

NYU anthropologist Randall White, who led the excavation in France, claims that the resemblance of these disparate sets of similar dots seen in rock art throughout Europe implies the existence of a type of rudimentary written communication during the first phases of human migration into Europe, long before the advent of written languages:

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