Roswell UFO Thief Gets Severe Punishment

What put Roswell, New Mexico, on the map? If you said, “The UFO that crashed there in 1947,” you’d be wrong … because the UFO crashed (allegedly, of course) many miles away. However, the debris was brought to the Roswell Army Air Field, linking its name to the incident forever. Roswell residents take pride in their UFO heritage and no place shows it better than the International UFO Museum And Research Center.

Built in 1991, the museum welcomed visitors with a large flying saucer mounted to the wall out front. That is, until March 19th, 2016, when it was stolen from a back lot where it was being repaired. Roswell may love UFOs but it’s not good for their health – the flying saucer had been damaged by a recent snowstorm.

Fortunately, Roswell cared enough for its UFO to keep it under surveillance and the camera caught three individuals loading it into a pickup truck at 3 am. The saucer was later found two miles from the museum – damaged again and this time beyond repair. One thief was identified by the video and 17-year-old Newman Seely was arrested and charged with one felony count of larceny and one felony count of conspiracy. That’s right … conspiracy. Roswell is definitely serious about its UFO, as Eric and Carolyn Jackson pointed out in media reports after the theft.

You think of things like that happening only in large metropolitan cities not small ones like this… People want to see these things… then you just take the spaceship away? That’s…

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