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US Senator Describes Two UFOs Following the Train

Previosuly Top Secret rated Air Force Intelligence report reveals proof about UFOs

According to the U.S. Central Intelligence agency CIA, and the Express newspaper a declassified confidential report, previously rated as Top Secret by the Air Force Intelligence, has revealed that the U.S military has been investigating the UFO phenomenon. This report documents strange sightings witnessed by Senator Richard Russell Jr in 1955 while he was traveling across Transcaucasia in the former USSR. This declassification has allowed the public to appreciate the length that both the military fraternity and intelligence services can go to sequester and hide knowledge about UFOs so that there is no public discussion about the UFO enigma.

U.S. Senator Richard B. Russell Jr,
U.S. Senator Richard B. Russell Jr, chairman of the Armed Services Committee

According to the declassified report, the events occurred on 4rd October 1955 while the senator and his aides were in a train traveling from Atjati to Adzhijabul. At that time, Senator Russell headed the Armed Services Committee and was an extremely influential politician. His aides who were accompanying him in the train ride were Colonel Hathaway and an interpreter named Ruben Efron. All three witnessed a very strange occurrence. While the training was speeding across the landscape, two fast-flying saucer-shaped appeared, and then slowed down before flying parallel to their train for some time without either accelerating or decelerating before eventually whizzing away at an incredible speed. However, these fast-moving flying crafts never created any sonic boom which is normally associated with flying supersonic airplanes. The three men noted their observations and intended to recount them to American officials during their next stop at a secured U.S embassy.

Upon reaching Prague, the three individuals informed American officials based in the U.S embassy of their sightings. Their witness accounts were recorded before Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas Ryan interviewed them. The witness account of Senator Russell was given the highest priority as he was not only a well-respected and truthful U.S senator, but he also had knowledge of secret projects being conducted by the soviets to manufacture stealth spy planes. His sightings definitely got the attention of the Air Force Intelligence and the C.I.A, but it was the Air Force Intelligence which kept a record of their witness accounts, and then proceeded to classify them as Top Secret. This report has been classified as such for over 60 years, and it was only recently when UFO enthusiasts came to know of it.

According to the now declassified Air Force Information Report, Senator Russell saw what appears to be a flying disc gently ascend from behind the train and then fly over it. Despite his background knowledge of secret soviet projects, this highly maneuverable, incredibly fast flying craft seemed to defy laws of physics; and it was at this point that he got his aides to come witness this strange craft. Col. Hathaway came quickly and saw the disc-shaped craft, while Efron came a little bit later and only managed to catch a glimpse of the first flying disc. Thereafter, another disc-shaped craft flew into view, and the three men saw it and all acknowledged that it appeared to have the exact shape as the first flying disc. Colonel Ryan after interviewing them and recording their accounts was convinced of their plausibility, and even proceeded to describe the back-to-back UFO sightings as a reliable sighting made by 3 highly reliable American observers.

declassified Air Force Intelligence UFO report

The report also notes that another forth person witnesses this event, but his witness account is given a low priority because he is not a U.S official. Nonetheless, his witness account provides further details about these strange disc-shaped craft. This witness described these crafts as having a low-set dome on whose crown was fitted a white light. He then goes on to describe both flying discs as having a pinkish hue glow at their edges. This salient observation indicates that these strange UFOs were powered by an electromagnetic-based propulsion system which was powerful enough to ionize the air around the edges of the discs. The witness also described a bright glow that moved around the edges of the disc in a clockwise direction, hence giving the discs a flying pinwheel appearance.

Back to the witness account of the three U.S observers, they all attested to the fact that visibility was perfect and they could clearly see the UFOs even as the train moved. They also affirmed that these crafts were produced no noise, and there were neither any visible exhaust emissions nor emission glow. The FBI took interest in this case, and in a declassified memo dated a month after these reported sightings, the agency acknowledged that UFOs could exist. Even so, the Senator and his aides refused to reveal their sighting to the media or public.

According to Dr.Bruce Maccabee of Fund for UFO Research, the Senator and his aides were advised against publicly revealing their sightings. In 1957, the senator refused to publicly acknowledge whether he saw any flying crafts when he was traveling across Transcaucasia.

CIA states in it’s official government website the following “Adding to the concern was a flying saucer sighting by US Senator Richard Russell and his party while traveling on a train in the USSR in October 1955. After extensive interviews of Russell and his group, however, CIA officials concluded that Russell’s sighting did not support the theory that the Soviets had developed saucerlike or unconventional aircraft.”

We here at think that the above statement is a standard CIA way to describe things, they conclude only “…that Russell’s sighting did not support the theory that the Soviets had developed saucerlike or unconventional aircraft…” And CIA of course does not conclude publicly anything about the possibility of extraterrestrial craft. Perfectly handled case, perfectly hidden under TOP SECRET classification for decades. But as we know, the truth is out, and it spreads.

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