Top Proof that the Government is Hiding Aliens

There is mounting evidence that govermnets are trying to hide the truth

Do aliens exist? If this is a question that has been lingering in your mind then you must be happy to know that the answer is without a doubt yes, aliens are real. However, there is a slight problem; the government is trying to hide aliens. Actually almost all governments world wide are hiding the truth. This is not a reckless statement but one that is made based on facts of which will be discussed below.

Proof from the Roswell UFO Incident

This occurred on 8th July 1947 when a mysterious flying object crashed on Roswell fields in New Mexico.

  • At the very first, The Roswell Army Air Field (RAAF) said, in a press release, that the strange object captured was a flying saucer. This information was however soon negated and officials claimed that what had crashed was a weather balloon.
  • The debris shown to the press was changed. Those who witnessed the crash described a different kind of debris from the one shown later. This is proof of a cover up aimed at hiding information from this debris that could proof the existence of aliens.
  • At the Roswell Air Base, the bodies of aliens recovered were studied and autopsy videos made but this information was never made public.

Area 51 exists

With its existence having been denied by the government till 2013, it is obvious for questions to be raised on what activities are carried out in Area 51. This is a mysterious air force base.

  • According to Boyd Bushman, Bob Lazar and other former servicemen who were deployed from this base, reverse engineering is carried out on alien spacecrafts here. Aliens are even present in the underground parts of the base located in Nevada desert.
  • Spacecrafts used by aliens are suspected to be responsible for the fast lights that fly at supersonic speed over Area 51.

Aliens experiment on humans in Dulce Base

This is yet another secret underground base located in Dulce town in New Mexico. The government however claims that such a base does not exists.

  • There is a large biogenetic laboratory in Dulce Base where aliens conduct experiments on humans. The government supports this and the aliens provide them with technological input.
  • According for example to The Huffington Post, engineer Philip Schneider claims that there are seven underground layers in Dulce Base. The brutality of the experiments increases as one goes lower into the different levels. What Josef Mengele, who was a German Schutzstaffel (SS) officer and physician in Auschwitz concentration camp during World War II, did was nothing compared to what is going on at beneath Dulce Base.

Silencing witnesses

Other than hiding information about aliens, the government is also keen on silencing every person who tries to talk of the existence of aliens. There are many who have been through this. They include:

  • John Ford was a leading UFO researcher who was arrested and accused of poisoning a politician in 1992. Around this time, Ford was investigating a UFO crash incident and was believed to have collected evidence that proved the existence of aliens from the Shirley, NY site.
  • In 1958, a veteran by the name Donald Keyhoe tried to speak about aliens and their crafts in a TV interview. This interview was muted and he was given a script to follow throughout the rest of the interview without deviating.

ISS live feed shows near earth UFOs almost daily basis

Mysterious flying objects can be seen flying near the International Space Station (ISS). Live feed from the ISS station is cut by NASA whenever this happens. They blame this on technical glitches but we know too well what they are trying to hide. has witnessed UFOs at ISS live feed numerous times as well as sudden cut off of live broadcast.

Of course there are mounting number of same kind of evidence of government conspiracy to hide the truth about extraterrestrial life and UFOs. This article just summarizes some evidence.

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