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Truth Regarding the UFOs and Aliens Found in the Diary of Missing Scientist

Information about various alien species and technology revealed

A 55 page long document which is named “Project Pulsar” has been found, and seen by staff. It reveals an extensive study of various extraterrestrial things. The name of the scientist, who wrote the document is still unknown, but this scientist have known to be employed by the government for conducting an extensive study on the crash sites and also the various extraterrestrial equipment.

Truth about aliens

One of the major purpose of his work seems have been to rightly establish a proper communication with all the biological entities which exist in the extraterrestrial environment and also elaborately analyze all the collected data.

truth about aliens and ufos alien language documentThis unnamed scientist’s work span with the government is 33 years. During this time span, this scientist have found out information that was not known to the mankind. By the year 1990, his studies revealed information which are associated with 160 species of various life forms that exist in the extraterrestrial space. This has bring in a confirmation that the universe is filled with various intelligent life forms (which by the way is not any kind of a surprise).

The scientist diligently kept back some of the documents explaining about his thrilling work experience. Also it has been heard that this particular scientist have the habit of maintaining a personal diary which landed him into troubles.

truth about aliens

Because of maintaining a personal dairy and possessing personal notes, he was scheduled for suspension. However, somehow he escaped, and is presently believed that he has gone out of the country and is currently hiding being afraid of termination.

Information about alien species and technology

However, he made his documents public. These notes are a proper amalgamation of the various controversial subjects that range from secret pharmacology and also use the different synthetic drugs as well as hormones on the humans for the purpose of studying extraterrestrial languages and psionic.

These documents include information on the various alien species, which have the ability to have a complete control over their surroundings. There has been various substances which have been developed with the help of extraterrestrials. These substances are then utilized by the various government agencies for the recreation of their effects on the human beings at a very small scale.

A separate portion of the notes talks about the grazes of the propulsion systems. There are also several examples detailed in the documents.

One of the major examples which have been mentioned is the impulse propulsion engine, that is a used on the basic Grey alien UFOs. This particular system is able to channelize superhot plasma with a space-time driver coils. This has resulted into limited distortion of the overall space-time continuum. There are also smaller craft available which also have the ability to accelerate the speed of light.

truth about aliens and ufos

This concept of interstellar travel is something which demands the speed of the light to be much faster than it is actually. This particular document from the scientist the various alien mother ships are being powered by the various intelligent assemblies which is referred to as the speed gear drive propulsion engine.

This is undoubtedly an incredible technological bliss that allows the various interstellar cruisers to traverse the space at a dynamic speed of 32,000 times greater than the speed of the light. Also in times of the emergency, the speed can be doubled.

This unimaginably fast propulsion system is being very highly powered by the MAGNIUM Crystal Assembly. This has the ability to create and control the antimatter collisions. This creates successive time-space bubbles.

The document also very clearly lists the various extraterrestrial species which exist in the serving of the Grey aliens. These have apparently became the absolute masters in the field of genetic manipulation and also in the overall process of the creation of the synthetic beings.

The data which has been recorded also reveals facts that the biological creatures of the extraterrestrial space are being employed by the Grey aliens while the Orange aliens and the Nordics usually favor the synthetic humanoid form.

There are several other facts which are being discussed in the documents but there is no guarantee that all these facts are authentic. There are also no ways of verifying the unnamed scientist’s credibility and there have been several debates on this controversial topic.

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