Vatican Planning UFO Disclosure

The Holy Pope Knows About Aliens And Maintains Contact With Extraterrestrials

Within the last centuries, the controversy about whether the existence of aliens is true or fake is an extremely old story. But, photographs, videos, as well as testimonies are mounting evidence of UFO phenomenon. So, anymore there is no doubt about it, aliens do really exist, and are in contact with humans. However, most governments still deny that and hide their UFO files, or release only “fake files” in disinformation purpose. Luckily for UFO disclosure, some governments and some high ranking officials independently have decided to be more transparent.

Now, there has been a speculation the Vatican, or more specifically some high ranking officials there might be planning UFO disclosure. Even the Pope itself seems to be supporting that intention.

UFO over the Vatican, screen capture from video footage

It is not a surprise that Vatican’s astronomers have obtained proof of alien existence, including understanding of some of advanced alien technology – such as zero point energy – long time ago. It is also no surprise that they are in actual contact with extraterrestrials. However, they are also hiding these details from people as usual.

Wikileaks earlier revealed shocking e-mail exchange connecting astronaut Edgar Mitchell and John Podesta, one subject of these emails was war with extraterrestrial civilizations, and just how the Vatican holds a knowledge of alien presence.

John Podesta was high ranking US government official, once member of president Barack Obama’s inner circle. Emails conversations refers to person called Terri Mansfield, who’s the director of the Extraterrestrial Intelligence – Vatican’s secret research organization which handles subjects such as UFOs and aliens, and more importantly, maintains contact with non earth based civilizations. Edgar Mitchell mentioned through mail about how exactly aliens are attempting to send assistance to us for example discussing about “zero-point energy”. Study implies that this sort of energy might be utilized in long distance space travel, it may be light-fast way to move huge distances.

Vatican’s Role among Claims

The Vatican has opened up about the presence of extraterrestrial life forms. Vatican space researcher for example Guy Consolmagno and Father Gabriel Funes introduced some divisive statements concerning the imminent discovery of the interplanetary species. Yes, you read right. They have discovered aliens long ago and managed to get in constant communications with alien life forms.

Also astronomers from Vatican – the very same church that denied Galileo’s theories in 1633 – are publicly recognizing the alien existence today. However, the Vatican, the place to find the Pope – who controls over 1.2 billion people around the world, knows much more about the celestial life form, and now rumors are circulating that they are intending to reveal a much more via a press conference in the future. It appears that Father Jos Gabriel Funes and his Brother Guy Consolmagno are driving forces behind that, both high ranking officials placed in the Vatican Observatory, an astral study and academic society based on Holy See.

In these long years, Father Funes, who holds a master’s degree in astronomy from National College of Cordoba, has provided declarations recognizing alien existence in space. As well as in 2008, right after NASA’s discovery of the Earth-like planet 1,400 years before with the Kepler telescope, Vatican Observatory Director declared in L’Osservatore Romano:

The invention of new world Kepler 452b revives the concept that contact and, encounter with extraterrestrial smart beings of the alien civilization might happen soon.

Father Funes quoted saying, It’s most likely there is existence and possibly a kind of intelligent life is existing… I do not think we can meet Mr. Spock,” in 2015 article through the Daily Mail United kingdom. “The invention of smart life does not necessarily prove there’s another Jesus. The Incarnation from the boy of God is really a unique event within the history of mankind from the world,” he rapidly added possibly recognizing that he already said too much.

So, clearly the Vatican has concluded that UFO disclosure is coming anyway, and it is better for them to tell at least the partial truth for their 1.2 billion followers before that – just to make sure that the Vatican and the Pope can still maintain their status and influence as they have maintained hundreds of years. Its is no surprise that the Pope have been quite open about aliens recently and discussed about the topic publicly quite often, here´s reference to the Washington post article published in 2015.

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