Why Aliens Could Be Dangerous To Humans?

Extraterrestrial life forms are ready to enslave or wipe out whole humankind

Aliens and extra terrestrial objects and living things have always fascinated us. Over the past few decades we must have seen scores of movies being made on the subject matter. There also are dozens of books written on these extra intelligent species coming to earth from outside. There are many who many not believe it and might call it as a pure fiction. But there are many who firmly believe that should these extra terrestrial beings even land on earth they could bring with them big dangers and risks and some of their could be catastrophic as far as the world is concerned.

It would be pertinent to perhaps draw an analogy to the discovery of American by Columbus. Though it was a big happening for the world, it was very bad news for the native Americans. Today, the native Americans are there only in the memories. It would be frightening and even interesting if we are able to fathom or imagine things which might happen should we be invaded by aliens.

Aliens Would Perhaps Become As Nomads

There is a real risk that many of these aliens would become nomads and they would move around with the sole objective of conquering human life as it might exist at that point of time. They will certainly try their best to colonize the areas where they are active and put their best efforts to take control of each and every aspect of human life. This when it continues for a few years, would most certainly enslave vast communities and neighborhoods and this certainly could south the death knell not for a few individuals but perhaps large communities or even whole humankind.

If aliens are, as some of them certainly are, more advanced than humans, it is actually quite obvious that invading extraterrestrial life from is going to enslave or completely wipe out humans. Just think what we, humans, are doing for all animals. We´re eating beef, and fish, we have huge industrial farms producing meat. We´re hunting animals for food, and just killing for fun. Why you think that aliens are different? Most likely they are going to do the same when they arrive en masse.

Why They Are So Scary And Fearful

They may not be of the same size as human beings, but there is a belief that these aliens might have much superior brains. This will enable them to take control of almost all things which matter to us on a daily basis. This would certainly cripple us and make us become second or third grade citizens in our own homes. Hence the day might not be far off, when we need to be ever alert.

In fact it would be pertinent to mention that studies are being conducted now to look for alien signals in the cosmos which might point to the existence of these extra terrestrial beings. If the answer is yes, it is imperative that we take steps to either stop them from invading the earth or if possible exterminate them in their homes. There is something known as SETI or Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute which is actually working on a project to try and identify signals or other proofs which could point to the existence of aliens.

Are aliens dangerous to humans?

Yes, aliens might be extremely dangerous to humans. Though it might look improbable one cannot say that it is impossible. Hence, instead of being caught napping when it might happen, it would be not a bad idea to be prepared for it. For this to happen, we need to believe that alien could certainly damage human beings and our civilization quite badly.

For example according to the Guardian Stephen Hawking fears that if we made contact with unearthly beings, they could respond with hostility:

May not see us as any more valuable than we see bacteria

We should be ready for the inevitable which might happen sooner the latter.Remember, there is no doubt, we are not alone in the universe.

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