Why Aliens Are Much More Advanced Than Humans

There are entirely other forms of beings that are boyond our imagination

In movies aliens tend to resemble human beings but seem to work in a more genius way. That is simply because, Hollywood creates anthropomorphic characters that the audience can identify them with. However, these characters feature more intelligence and can do more than what the normal human being can do. Unlike humans, the cinema aliens have different implausible attributes, and they always work with sophisticated technical level.

Although we sometimes trade gunfire with them on movies, that seem silly as these beings are capable of bridging the distance between the stars and understand all the science and engineering that we also understand. The visitors from the other world seem to be far much ahead of us regarding technology. This is surprisingly true not only true for the movie aliens but also real aliens. But why is that? Let reveal what we have learned.

Learn why Aliens are far much advanced as compare to Humans

Scientist relies on a mathematical model, which shows that planet conserves energy just like the way of human beings. In the animal kingdom, species that are physically large have lower population density because they demand more of energy. Bigger animal consumes and release more energy than smaller beings. If this is true, population density declines the increase in mass, and it has been concluded that the most intelligent species should exceed 300 kg, which is about 650 pounds.

However SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) have gone further to research on this and suggest that there might be entirely other forms of being that we have not imagined or encountered. This being is beyond our current scope of thinking. These beings are also called aliens. Aliens can detect and use high powered signals and intense lesser beams that allow them to understand more things than human beings.

Unlike aliens, humans are not able to detect societies who are sending high-powered radio signals or intense laser beams, and our ability mainly depends on how much be learn through experience and studies. Just imagine that you are living in the Milky Way Galaxy and you are looking for a job that will earn you a living. Assume further that it is raining and you cannot go to the street to hunt the job, and you decided to look for the job monitoring short-wave radio hoping that some are life out there on the air. The longer the time that the broadcaster spends in the air, the higher the chances of getting the right job of your dream. If the researcher finds any signal, they will understand that in every one million there is a planet where the broadcaster is active.

Suppose in its lifetime, which is about 10-billiion years, the sun-like starlets to the development of an alien. Due to the fact that these stars last for at least 10 billion years, it means that every civilization as to be on hair for about 10,000 years on average for one in a million of them to be broadcasting. Suppose one in every 10 of the sun-like stars happen to produce a signal that is transmitted into the society, then the signal has to be on hair for over 100,000 for at least a single in a million to be broadcasting now.

This show that that no matter how we are optimistic about even a fraction of the Sun-like stars to produce the sophisticated human being, the chances of SETI success in the near future is unlikely. This is because the waiting time of 10,000 years is too long.

For about 50 years on earth, humans have been transmitting high-powered and high-high frequency signals. This is just about 0.5% of the 10,000 waiting time. In fact, the chances are better that any ET we detect will be far much better in the next decade. These show why aliens are far much as the head of us by about a thousand of years. For them, they see use as technologically equivalent to a club-wielding Neanderthals.

So, are we safe with advanced aliens?

Unlike the usual aliens that we see in movies, aliens are likely to fee far much more than that. The movie aliens seem to be too keen to engage us or draw us into the unpleasant personal experience. The actual aliens we have know are far much more than that and seem to do their work without involving the human beings. They just don’t care about us.

However, that does not mean that we are safe at the Earth. Most likely there are also not so advanced aliens, that are however, much more advanced than humans, and those might be willing to wipe out the whole humankind just as humans are destroying other species. Your should also read our article why aliens could be dangerous to humans.

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